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Leaf Dish - Shagbark Hickory

$ 27.00 $ 46.00

Enjoy this naturally beautiful catch-all, with every detail of a unique leaf pressed into it's surface.  Perfect for jewelry, a sweet snack, your coffee spoon, and so much more. 

This dish is 4.25" x 8.5" and features a shagbark hickory leaf impression glazed in a turquoise oxide.

This listing is for one leaf dish as pictured.  The props in the picture are not included.

Other pictures are for examples only, but similar pieces can be purchased - please contact us for more information.  Glaze colors are included for informational purposes only.

Each piece is made in our home studio.  

Measurements may vary by 0.25" due to the handmade nature of our work.  Pottery is pictured with a ruler.  During updates, questions on sizes may not be answered immediately.  Please refer to picture with ruler for approximate size.  Picture of bottom is example only to show how the piece is finished and not the actual piece for sale.  Note that these are glazed pieces, and glazes pool and drip in unexpected ways.  Each was made with a real leaf, and therefore contains the natural irregularities present in the leaf used.

If you are interested in ordering pottery in custom colors or with personalization, please contact us.

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